Rhyming in the kitchen

So (all good narratives have to begin with ‘so’ these days) … I’ve been running around the kitchen chanting to myself. Have I gone doo-lally? Lost what few marbles I still possessed? Nope. Bitten by That Worm again. You know the worm, that niggling inspiration that pops up at the most inopportune moments. And if you haven’t met him, why, you’ll find him right here on this blog (try February 2016).

So there I am, running around the kitchen muttering ‘Plates in the dishwasher… Not a bark or a growl… sweep up the crumbs… As silent as snow… put the kettle on… The dog’s on the prowl… sweep the floor… and where will she go?

Well that’s not immortal verse, I hear you cry. No of course it isn’t, you daft wee thing: it’s DOG-gerel. Still, it looks like I’ve found a title for my new book of comic verse. I was sure it was going to be called ‘Pelicans Can’t Read’, but the Worm tells me it has to be ‘A Furry Nose in the Fridge’. Go figure…

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2 Responses to Rhyming in the kitchen

  1. So pleased you have been bitten again! I am currently suffering from an infestation of ideas but not related to what I should be doing. Any suggestions?

    • Paw Prints in the Butter says:

      Good morning Lady B. Not so much a case of being bitten, more a case of having a splendid guru to call on. As for your infestation, I could be flippant and say Put them in your handbag! Seriously, write EVERYTHING down, even if it’s only snippets. I’ve got something called my Rag Bag where I jot down every idea, and then when I am stuck for an idea or a splendid image I go and look in there. Most of it turns out to be rubbish, but occasionally there’s gold. Good luck!

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