Life in the slow lane (not)

Is it really three months since I posted here? Mea maxima bad.

But we have not been idle. It all started when three members of the Arun Scribes writing group (Rosemary Noble, Angela Petch and I) found we all had books almost ready to publish. ‘Would you like to join Rosemary and me for lunch?’ emailed Angela. Or so I thought. How nice! A closer inspection revealed that what she actually wrote was ‘Would you like to join Rosemary and me in a launch?’

Certainly, said I blithely, and that’s where it all began.

First the meeting to decide the venue. Many were discussed and rejected, till Rosemary came up with the perfect place: the Museum in Arundel. We sorted a date, decided who would buy the fizz and orange juice and went back to our books. Job done.

Well, not quite. There was the small matter of a radio interview with Voice of Progress (talking newspapers)…

a Facebook launch…

and a silent movie .

There was social meeja to master and pawsteps into the Twittesphere to brave. We fought off mobi and epub dragons. We trepidly entered the lairs of the giant CreateSpace and the ogre Ingram Spark.

Rosemary, our brilliant techie, drove us hard. Angela, mother figure to us all, soothed and consoled and encouraged. And as for paw Prints: when I had finished having a meltdown (A Facebook launch? What’s that? How do you do it? I don’t understand anything about it! etc) I got busy with the press releases.

It was three months of angst, crises and tears, interspersed with a few triumphs as one or another of us ‘got it’, or there was an interview in the press (many thanks to the marvellous Phil Hewitt at West Sussex Newspapers) or a splendid listing (many thanks to wonderful Gill at Ingenue Magazine).

And it paid off. … after months of turmoil we, the Arun Scribes, finally launched our latest books (and some earlier ones too) on Sunday April 30th. We had a steady stream of visitors; they may have come to drink Prosecco but they stayed to chat – and buy books, bless them.
If you want to know more how we got on, clever-clogs Rosemary has mastered Adobe Spark (I hate her) and made this

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  1. I would have attended the launch if someone had promised me free Prosecco!

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