Almost there!

My new book ‘At Home in the Pays d’Oc’ is within a cat’s whisker of hitting the bookshelves and the e-sphere. The cover design was delivered today – now all I have to do is tread the independent publishing maze, the promotion maze, the social media maze – and come out unscathed on the other side. Here’s a taster:

At Calais we lumbered off the ferry and, ignoring a small official with a large hat who kept bellowing ‘Fret! Fret!’ at us, we made our determined way to the domestic immigration channel. The small official pursued us, and when he paused for breath I explained politely that, no, we weren’t freight: we were an inoffensive English couple taking some household goods to a maison secondaire. We had all the paperwork, I added helpfully. For a second this gave the small official pause, then he brightened. ‘Douanes, Douanes’ he said, gesturing towards a dilapidated hut off to one side of the docks. Dutifully, we made our way to the Douanes, the customs shed.
The customs officer peered disdainfully through his little window at the dusty Ford Transit sagging on its springs, at the laden trailer with here a chair leg, there a lamp shade poking out from beneath its insecurely tied tarp. Ignoring the fact that I had spoken to him in French, ‘Do you heff an eeenventory?’ he sneered.

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  1. Sweet site, super design, really clean and employ genial.

  2. Its great as your other blog posts : D, appreciate it for posting. “The real hero is always a hero by mistake he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else.” by Umberto Eco.

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