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Saturday limerick 26.11.16

A young vegan fellow of Leeds Ate nothing but salads and seeds. Till he noticed his ass Was covered with grass Intermixed with a fine crop of weeds.

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Saturday limerick 19.11.16

A pious young lady of Trinity Was taking a degree in divinity. But she went on the town With a fellow named Brown And unfortunately lost her lecture notes.

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Paw Prints is all a’Twitter

So (you have to start a sentence with ‘so’, it’s the law) we’ve finally put our paws in the twittersphere. It’s great fun, not having a clue what you’re doing, but I rather think it’s a case of lighting the … Continue reading

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(black) Saturday limerick 12.11.16

There’s some noise, and a sly, noxious smell. Someone’s let off a trump, can’t you tell? The voting has ended And what’s done can’t be mended So it’s ‘Goodbye, and see you in hell.’

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Saturday limerick 5.11.16

A couple from St Pierre La Mer Embarked on a torrid affair. The pair, well-endowed, Attracted a crowd When doing the deed en plein air.

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Saturday limerick 29.10.16

In France what you mustn’t be doing Is mixing your words when you’re wooing. Un baiser is a kiss – Every schoolchild knows this – But if you baise you’re not kissing, you’re screwing

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