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Saturday limerick 23.7.16

A novice while skiing off-piste Once muddled his west and his east. He flew off the edge Of a rather high ledge And returned with his skis somewhat creased.

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Saturday limerick 16.7.16

Cried an out-of-work actress: ‘Disaster! I’ve broken my leg – it’s in plaster.’ Said her agent: ‘Too bad. Still, she ought to be glad That someone has finally “cast” her.’

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Saturday limerick 9.7.16

Michèle left her native Ardèche For Paris, all dewy and fresh. But she soon lost her purity To a man from the Sûreté Who taught her the joys of the flesh.

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Saturday limerick 2.7.16

I’m sick of the cold and the rain And the wind and the mud in the lane. As usual the summer Has turned out a bummer And I wish it was winter again.

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